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Speed of Play Kills

Speed of Play KillsTM Kit 


Appropriate for U13 & up male & female (10-11 year olds will be successful with more adult guidance)

1) Watch the videos  2) Read current player comments at bottom  3) Join today, start playing faster tomorrow

Tip 3: Optimizing Speed of Play

Speed of Play Kills Kit

xTreme Video-Based Training Platform

($229, use coupon discounts)

HIDDEN GEM: We allow 2 players to use the same account IF they are training together. Create and enroll with 1 google account you both use. If you are not training with a teammate or a friend, keep your account private to yourself. 

 24x7 mobile, PC, Mac accessible platform

 Need a ball, cones and a wall / playback surface or training partner. We like training in pairs, but a wall NEVER sleeps!

Includes dozens of Technical and Tactical Video Exercises to help develop better touch & decisions!

PLUS we give you a 14 day money back guarantee. 
If you gave it the real college try and it's not working for you, write us, tell us why and we'll refund you (less the jersey + S&H).  

  • Motor Skill Exercises specific to speed of play
  • Speed of Touch (reducing time between touches)
  • Speed of Decision (how to use vision & decisions)
  • Speed of Play (combining motor, touch, decisions)
  • Free BONUS: Mental Toughness Grit Module, author of Grit

  • 4, 8, or 12 Week Training Plans Included
  • Technical Feedback Community Forum
  • BEST PRACTICES (Secrets of playing faster): Two Video Tutorials with interactive quiz on the Secrets of Speed of Play
  • GOAL ACHIEVING Exercise: Orientation with goals, training commitment and confidence