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Get-Messi-Research Series

Imagine learning "How to Dribble Like Messi", FREE to research participants

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Part IV: Translating the Secrets of Messi into your game

Includes the summary of Messi's 5 Secrets, Messi's 4 Movements and the 1 Advanced Dribbling Technique that makes defenders fall over PLUS a path to Translate it all into your game 

“You can always get better technically.” Leo Messi

Neither Leo Messi, FC Barcelona nor the Argentina National team have endorsed this research and training, or are affiliated in any way with Captain Elite.  

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"Hello from Uganda where for the last 2 years my daughter has been training with Captain Elite and we have all noticed a change in her motivation and enthusiasm for practising at home by herself, thank you! We watch a lot of the Premier League matches and many of the La Liga matches live on TV and she especially loves to study Messi's style of play. Having the exercises, videos and explanations that break down those high speed moves into something achievable is wonderful for a young and impressionable player. Her resulting increased confidence and ball skills has raised the level of her game."   Marise Fernandes, parent, Kampala, Uganda