Learning to train on their own is the single most important step you will take in their immediate and long-term development. 


Learn the tips, tricks and techniques of playing twice as fast with 5 training modules, 4, 8 & 12 week training plans,  technical feedback forum and a free, bonus mentoring module, The Grit 6, with an exclusive interview of the best-selling author of "Grit"

RAPTOR 360 attackTM HERE 

Learn how to Dribble like Messi and other world beaters! 4 technical & 1 agility training module unlocking the secrets of the world's greatest dribblers


Start with a 1:1 video technical assessment and basic ball control and then climb through 5 levels of progressive difficulty

Captain Elite 5 Laws of Player DevelopmentTM
5 principles players must know to help increase love of the game, speed of development, and technical mastery

Captain Elite Levels of Progressive Difficulty
Players must complete the challenges in each level to unlock the next level of difficulty

Youth players learn from simple, easy-to-follow "Do this, Then this" steps.

"Houston, myself, Isabel and her next in line brother, Jude, all sat down and watched your
pre-game & start-up videos. It inspired us all and lead to a great discussion.  
Not only did it help Isabel in thinking about soccer, it was 
valuable for Houston and his work life and for each of us in our own personal way. 
Can't tell you what a great experience it 
doing it as a family. "  
Stephanie Smith, Parent , Alabama

what do i neeD to get started?

Soccer ball 
Online access via a computer or mobile device

80% of the exercises can be done in small spaces in basements, backyards, driveways, bedrooms.
The remaining 20% of the exercises can be done
with a partner or a wall.
Players turn ordinary spaces into highly technical and personalized training grounds

North Carolina



"People are rewarded in public for what they practice for years in private." Tony Robbins

WHAt is it like?

The Online Player Academy is like a video game without the guilt!
Exercises are arranged by levels in a progression of development
Levels are "unlocked" after a player demonstrates a level of mastery
You improve while having fun!

Who should participate?
Easy-to-follow instructions for challenge to elite players ages u12-u19
The younger the player, the more guidance recommended from parents
Even top collegiate players would be challenged at Level 4 & 5 

What is included?
Technical training
Social training
Classroom training

Is this training right for my family?

Answer this simple questionnaire to find out:

Can My Player
1) Handle Failure & Adversity
2) Compete against players who seem more talented
3) Stay positive when learning new skills

Do I as a Parent:
1) Know how to help my player handle adversity & failure
2) Know how to help my player have fun while developing
3) Recognize the pivotal events in my player's development & how he/she can influence their mindset

If you answered NO to any of these questions, 
Captain Elite's Level 5 Training Academy  can help you & your player love the game more and reach a higher level!