Mike Keating is the founder of Captain Elite, author of the 3 Barriers to Player SuccessTM  paper & video companion series, researcher on the Secrets of Messi Dribbling, Researcher on a more effective way to play fast called Speed of Play Kills, creator and chief researcher on the latest program to increase Confidence & Creativity in our youth.  Mike shares his research & experiences with parents, players and coaches through presentations to clubs, schools, and university camp audiences from 50 to over 1000 players, parents, & coaches. If you are interested in having Mike share his research & stories with your club for free, please send an email to [email protected] 

Captain Elite is the only National Online Soccer Development Academy for youth & their parents based on player development research with dozens of top collegiate programs and players including UNC, UVA, U of Miami, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, youth and adult national players. We offer a unique blend of research-based player and parent education, independent training through rich online training resources and nation-wide player development events. 

"I spend my time training elite players at Wake Forest and youth players. What strikes me every year at all levels in the American game is the gap in technical skill and lack of initiative. If players want to enjoy the game more, progress and play at a higher level, they need to show initiative in self training and work toward mastering the ball. What I like about the Captain Elite program is players cannot advance to higher levels without proving they mastered lower levels. 

They have to show steady progression. I also like that the course is designed so the training can be done at anytime and anywhere including garages, basements and backyards. That gives schedule flexibility to both parents and players. Players can interact and compare themselves technically with age group peers and see where they stand and answer their own question ‘Am I as technical as I think I am?'  That puts the responsibility on the players to dedicate themselves to training to get better.” 

 Tony da Luz, Head Coach, Wake Forest Soccer 


If you're child is not developing as fast as you'd like, you and they must take control of their development just like elite adult players did when they were young. 

Captain Elite will teach you how to take control of your own development by understanding

How often should I train on my own
What type of exercises I should do and how to do them 
How to handle adversity
What level of technical ability is good at my age 
What elite adult players did in their youth
The barriers preventing the player from realizing their potential

Examples of Classroom Training Videos in our ONLINE training kits